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Guides to Great Britain, volume 3 and 5.


Réunion en deux volumes petit in-8 de 15 +5 guides en anglais et un français. Modestes demi percalines bleues, usures des coins.(1,7 kg)-(LXVI).

VOLUME 3:-The visitor's guide to Oxford. A new edition with 110 illustrations. Oxford Parker andco. X-144 pages. + 1 carte couleur.<br>-Dick, W.R. courte esquisse sur la tour Beauchamp tour de Londres et guide aux inscriptions et dessins laissés sur les murs de cette tour. Londres Bemrose et fils sd.1er plat de la couverture conservée avec frontispice au verso, 52 pages, 15 gravures HT.<br>-Sketches of the tower of london, an a fortress, a prison, and a palace, beautiffuly illustrated from photograph by mr A. Harman, gunnersbury, Albert Road, Peckham. Also a guide to the armories. London J.-Wheeler. (1)-IV-44 pages. 2 planches gravées rempliées et 9 planches hors-texte. 1er plat de la couverture illustrée conservé.<br>-The new winchester hanbook. Winchester Tanner & sons 1868, 120 pages-(3 ff. de publicité dont un gravé), 8 gravures hors-texte.<br>-Guide to the gardens of the zoological society of london by Philip lutley Sclater. London Brabury, Agnew & co 1890, 60 pages, un plan hors-texte sur double pages, illustrations in-texte.<br>-A hand-book to Hampton court with illustrations, a complte catalogue of the pictures and an appendix by Felix Summerly. London georges bell and sons 1885, 112 pages.<br>-John Heywood's illustrated guide to Matlock bath ands its vicinity. London John Heywood 1889, 40 pages -(1).<br>-John Heywood's illustrated guide to Windermere, Bowness, & Ambleside; with walks in their vicinity. London john heywood 1889, 30 pages.<br>-A guide to Reading with notices of its buildings and institutions. london A. Heywood. 16 pages.<br>-John Heywood's illustrated guide to the isle of man. London J. Heywood. 42 pages.<br>-JohnHeywood's illustrated guide to Llandudno and neighourhood. J. Heywood. 40 pages-(3).<br>-A guide to Kenilworth: with a descriptive historical sketch, and an account of the princely pleasures of 1575.London A. Heywood.16 pages<br>-Browne's guide for strangers and visitors to York Minster with numerous wood engravings. York published by tha author.48 pages-(1), frontispice gravé. <br>-Guide to the zoological gardens, Belle Vue, Manchester 1892. 32 pages, un plan dépliant.<br>-Exhibition of water-colour drawings, oil paintings, engravings, etchings, casts, etc. August A892, "2 pages<br>-Royal guide to Glasgow. De la page 9 à 72.<br>VOLUME 5: -Historical description of westminster abbey its monuments ands curiosities. London Truscott. Picture in front, 4 pict. out of text, 128 pp-(2).<br>-Dickens's dictionary of the Thames from its source to the nore. 1884. London Macmillan ,310 pp.<br>-Dickens's dictionary of London 1882 (fourth édition), 288 pp.-23).<br>6ABC guide to London. with Map of London in 15 section maps.<br>-Goulden's Canterbury guide containing an account of wathever is curious or worthy of observation in and about that ancient city . Canterbury H.J. Goulden. 10 plates and a plan, 72 pp.

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